Patriot Pride Pep Rally

Michaiah Varnes, Writer

Each year at TJ High School there is a pep rally hosted in the gym with many students that attend this celebration.

JV Basketball Team, Thomas Johnson High School, February 17, 2022

There’s lots of cheer and excitement that makes the day even more interesting than last. Different activities happen

this day such as announcements of sports teams with their winning titles and scores during their off or post season. There are fun games between different grade levels that cause chaos and excitement. For this pep rally it was a little different. The drumline was surprised when MC called them to the stage to congratulate them on their hard work during and after school. He said, “The people who work the hardest day in and out in this entire school, please welcome TJ high drumline”. Everyone in the gym was quite surprised by the message, once they got on stage lots of people were dancing and singing along to the beat.

When the dance team performed their dance routine they were joined by the cheerleading team. There were flips, tricks, and turns from all different directions. But we were still united with teamwork and their Patriot pride. People were screaming and cheering their friends or peers on during the performance.