Capturing Memories and Accomplishing Goals

Sam Canizales, Writer

Devin Bora is heading out to college, ready to take photos and capture moments. Devin is graduating in the class of 2022. Since students have returned to playing sports, Devin has been out on the field capturing moments of triumph on film. 

To many, and to my surprise, Bora has only been photographing for the past two years. Bora first got into photography in the spring of 2020, during the initial Covid quarantine period. Bora has practiced deliberately and well to achieve the skillset he currently possesses. 

“I was super bored and always felt like I wasn’t making the most with my life so I decided to pick up a camera with the goal of pursuing photography.” said Bora, when asked how he got into photography.

Devin Bora

As a sports photographer, Devin is responsible for capturing moments of energy and action in his subjects. This is compounded by his personal interest in illuminating the emotions that individuals playing are feeling in a particular moment. 

When Devin was asked what he liked most about photography he replied: “My favorite part is capturing everyone’s emotion in a moment of time. A picture tells a thousand words and the more I shoot the more I am able to share these experiences and moments with other people around me.” 

Bora plans on pursuing a career in photography and will work towards that during his time at the University of Maryland. He looks forward to being able to expand his current photography business and work with creative teams with the football, basketball, and lacrosse teams. 

“While in college I also hope to expand my business by meeting new people and being a part of future events that will benefit me and my photography.” Bora said when asked about his future at UMD. 

As Devin leaves TJ he sets an example for those who set a goal and will do the work to accomplish it as fast as they can. He is a clear depiction of what happens when an individual resolves themselves to develop a skill and then use it to benefit the students of the community.