Homecoming Creators: SGA


Paul Orejimi

Photo of Jasmine Bland and Emanuela Djikounou working together on a poster

Paul Orejimi, Writer

Homecoming! The time of year when students get their sparkling new outfits, find themselves a date or go with a group, and proceed to spend what could be the best three hours of their lives. And as the date slowly creeps in, Governor Thomas Johnson is slowly making its decorations and preparations for one of its biggest events. The mastermind behind this huge event is the SGA. They’ve been working to ensure a great homecoming this year.

One of the ways they’re doing this is through their Spirit Week. Every day between October 24 through 28, students dress up to fit the daily theme. “Our goal is always something that the most people can do and without having to go do major shopping what can you find in your own closet” said Ms. Sterling, an adviser of the SGA. The themes this week have been very simple and you should try to dress up for them if you can.

To end off spirit week, TJ holds a Powderpuff game, a game between juniors and seniors, followed by the very popular pep rally. This is a time where all students flock to the stadium for sports teams to be announced, for people like the Latin Dance Team to perform for everyone, and for people to participate in games such as musical chairs. SGA is also working very hard behind the scenes, sacrificing their time after school to create posters and make decorations for homecoming. 

Every year the SGA experiments with different ideas for homecoming, and with their new intergalactic fantasy. Both staff and students are putting in time and effort into homecoming, so if you want to go have some fun for three hours, bring your friends or date, take your pictures, eat some delicious food and come to homecoming. You won’t regret it!