The Magic of the Santa Runs

Camila Ayala Rodriguez , Writer

The month of the winter holidays has already started, and it comes with so many little celebrations and traditions that make the December month even better. One of those events is the Santa run. The Santa Run is a really nice way of raising charity funds at Christmas. This is a tradition that consists of people dressing up as Santa Claus and participating in runs no longer than 5 km. By dressing up as Santa Claus, it attracts more people and makes the event even more fun. 

The way this event functions to raise money is by being sponsored by a company, and with their name associated with the event, people would attend and spend money for the fundraiser. “There are a lot of people out there like athletes who are raising money and are also having fun with their families” a student, Diana Del Cid commented. 

Del Cid also commented that she attended one Santa Run, she said that most of them “Were having fun by hanging out with others” and that “It does not matter if you are running or walking, as long as you participate”. The distance for the runs is dictated by the location, it might be up to the top and back down a hill, around a school playing field, through a town center, between two churches, etc.

This event might be the favorite of those who are “fans of running” as one of the TJ Newsroom, Mary Winram stated. She also said that this event would get “a lot of attraction” since the event is occurring “during the holidays”.  Natali Camacho is a part of Track and she stated that this event might be “really fun” for those who “like running”. 

This experience comes along with lots of advantages and some of them are “exercising and having a fun time with the other runners” Camacho commented.

Helping the charity by participating or helping for the Santa Run is a really good way to celebrate these holidays and be connected to a good cause.

To participate in these events you don’t need to have a full Santa Claus costume, by having a Santa Claus hat or by just dressing up with red clothes is enough! In this kind of event what matters is the enthusiasm and the joy of assisting in this event. If you like running and helping others, then this is a nice way of doing it! 

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