TJ’s Very Own Virtual Homecoming!


Spirit Week 2020

Kylie Dimapan, Writer

During this unfortunate time, it’s very difficult for teachers as well as students to mirror the same experiences we once had in school now. Luckily, with their best efforts, our SGA has managed to replicate our Homecoming virtually! This will occur next week and there’s much to be excited about.

Though there will be no Homecoming dance, events to be expected are: Spirit Week, multiple competitions against Frederick High, contests against your peers, Homecoming Court, and so much more! Don’t forget all of this is all made possible thanks to our Student Government Association (SGA) and they had a lot to overcome during the process of planning.

“There were many obstacles to trying to plan a “virtual homecoming.” As many people know online school creates a barrier for students to speak freely, so it was a little challenging to hear people’s thoughts and ideas.”

President of SGA, Gwen Pobee, addresses their struggles but then proceeds to tell us their solutions to minimize lack of communication between students and SGA. They problem-solved with the creation of shared Google Docs, as well as calls to connect as much as they could. Though this was the least of their worries, they also were unsure of how to keep students interested in participating now that most of our traditions were eliminated or were forced to be projected virtually.

“The ways we are making homecoming are somewhat like how it was before Covid-19, we’ve planned to decorate TJ on the 29th to bring up people’s spirit for when they come on Friday. Also, we will have a decorating party on Wednesday for people to come out and be socially distanced! The winners for royalty will also be able to be crowned in person just like how they’d be if the pep rally happened!”

As you can tell, the SGA has intensely brainstormed to invent a safer Homecoming for the sake of everyone. We can only imagine what a positive turn out will result from this dedicated planning. Until then, stay updated on how you can show Patriot Pride this upcoming week and how to support our SGA for all that they contribute to our school!