Patriot Park: Clubs Go Virtual!

Michaela Hahn, Writer

During this time of uncertainty, we could all use a little break from the hardcore schoolwork that we’re given, and we could especially use social interaction.

That’s why this year, new virtual clubs have been created for all TJ students!

There are 99 clubs, interest groups, and activities to choose from. These groups provide social interaction, a little bit of fun, and even a small bit of learning mixed in.

Some (but not limited to) clubs offered this school year are Songwriting, where you can write songs, receive feedback from your peers, and learn how to edit, perform, and write your own music; Patriot Pals, which is designed to build relationships with your fellow Patriots; World Language, where you explore different languages that are not very common around the world; Black Lives Matter, where you can discuss and participate in discourse about the Black Lives Matter movement; and Yearbook, where you can help create TJ’s Tricorn Yearbook, as well as things such as Gender Sexuality Alliance (aka GSA), designed for both LGBTQ+ students and straight students to come together and support each other; Key Club, an international club, made for volunteer work in your community, which can also get you volunteering hours!

Whatever the case is, there is definitely a club that will pique your interest, without doubt. Each club has specific meeting days and meeting times through Google Meet, as listed on All of these groups meet during the allotted Patriot Park time in your daily school schedule.

Patriots, you can sign up for any of these clubs by emailing the club sponsor, who will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours. After you get into contact, the sponsor will add you to the groups Schoology Group.

With all of these interesting groups to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that’ll bring you some joy during these tough times!