TJ Students’ Feelings about Voters Being Threatened



Political Signs outside GTJHS

Nina Milstein, Writer

In the month of October, the 2020 Presidential Debates started between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden competing to become the president in 2021.

However, there was a case on the Frederick News Post written by Ryan Marshall on October 8, 2020 stating that, “A man wrote a threatening political letter and left it in a resident’s mailbox’’ and this letter was threatening to Democratic presidential candidate Vice President Joe Biden and the Vice President candidate, Kamala Harris.

This situation could lead students’ lives to be impacted. This takes on to another problem people and students could get seriously injured. This issue could consequently lead to a protest that is significant for people to become afraid of threats and how they would feel unsafe even during this pandemic.

I asked a couple of my fellow classmates on how they feel about the problems of Biden sign threats.  An TJ student who wished to stay anonymous, said, ‘’I think they’re pretty stupid but they’re entitled to their own opinion so I don’t care about it. It’s a free country and they can think and support who they want.’’ Another student said, “It is without a doubt absolutely disgusting, and I am going to assume whoever sent these letters are Republican/conservative. No matter how frustrating politics can get, no one or party should ever wish harm upon another and that is unacceptable.’’

There are so many ways to describe this issue and how people are discriminating politically just because of how they are trying to support people in their power even though it’s not what you wanted.

The man that wrote the letter was later found and arrested by the FBI. The 42 year old Frederick man, James Dale Reed, was  charged in federal and state courts with voter intimidation and threatening candidates. He is currently being held without bail.