Virtual Homecoming 2020 Recap


Kylie Dimapan, Writer

As everyone should know by now with the recent covid-19 pandemic, Governor Thomas Johnson High School was not able to host our annual homecoming. However, our Student Government Association (SGA) was able to use our resources to the best of their abilities and put together our very first Virtual Homecoming. Students and staff were able to participate in multiple events in a well-planned spirit week. The outcome was uplifting and definitely what TJ needed to bring some pride back into our community.

Riley Macdonald and Thomas Osborne  First and foremost, on behalf of TJ, we’d like to thank Frederick High for being such fair and worthy competitors in the homecoming festivities against us. At the end of the day both TJ and Frederick High we’re able to give back to the community and enjoy themselves while doing so.

Brenda Ramirez and Brodie Gurrie

Now to announce Frederick’s winning categories! A big congratulations to Frederick high school for earning the most pumpkin carving and pet photo likes! Amongst that they were able to have the most submitted spirit photos while defeating us in the canned food race and student/teacher dance competition. Once again congratulations from our school to yours!

Connor Fraizer and Lauren Berg

Although TJ didn’t have as much spirit as we anticipated, our very own Patriots won the Hoodie Drive competition! To extend the good news our Homecoming Court was announced and crowned on Friday, October 30. Riley Macdonald and Thomas Osborne were crowned as Freshman Royalty. Brenda Ramirez and Brodie Gurrie for Sophomore Royalty. Lauren Berg and Connor Fraizer for Junior Royalty. Last but not least, Cooper Gurrie and Kayla Wilson for our 2020 Senior Royalty. Congratulations to all!

Kayla Wilson and Cooper Gurrie

Despite not being able to have an in-person Homecoming, we are grateful for the successful turnout. For now, we can only continue to be safe throughout this pandemic in hopes of having our traditional Homecoming in our 2021-2022 school year. Until then, be mindful of others and wear your mask.