Virtual Learning Tips

Michaela Hahn, Writer

Virtual learning has slowly become a struggle for all students and rightfully so. All FCPS schools have been shut down since March 16th, 2020.

As COVID-19 rages on and cases continue to rise, you may need some tips and tricks to get yourself through it all, especially in the coming winter months.

A big tip for getting through virtual learning is to prioritize your mental health, particularly during these times of isolation and little social interaction. In fact, FCPS has made the decision to make mental health a priority. In order to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally, you could take small breaks, do something you love as a form of self-care, or catch up on sleep. But, be sure to do these alongside your schoolwork so you don’t fall behind in your classes.

I spoke with two TJ students and asked them about what they do to get through virtual learning. “I take breaks throughout the day if need be, and I listen to music while I do my work if possible.” says Rebecca Mullinix, junior. “I also feel like mental health is a big part of society, especially nowadays, so people should take care of that while not falling behind on work.”

Other tips for getting through your days include making organized notes for yourself, having a calendar or agenda for your assignments, and always having a snack nearby. Try and limit your distractions as much as possible.

Olivia Caudillo, another junior at TJ, expressed how she gets through virtual learning. “I set little goals for myself and make a list of them, take small 10 minute breaks, and give myself rewards when I get a certain amount of stuff done,” she explains. “I also use easier subjects as procrastination for harder subjects.”

To get through classes and virtual learning you need to do whatever makes you feel the best. Having virtual classes is definitely a challenge, for everyone, so allow yourself to have a little bit of personal time all to yourself. You deserve it.

Taking some of these tips into consideration and even making up your own, couldn’t hurt. Virtual learning is expected to extend until the end of the first semester, if not longer.

As cases are rising in Frederick County and Maryland, it’s likely that it’ll be extended, so remember to take care of yourselves.