Traditions in a Non-Traditional Time

Nenita GapudTressler, Writer

We may be stuck at home but there’s still so much we can do this holiday season!

Gift giving has towards online shopping since people are staying home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still give friends and family personal gifts!

Downtown Frederick shops have been taking many precautions, some even focusing on online shopping, and the Downtown Frederick Partnership has put out a holiday gift guide that includes lists for your out-of-town friends, local friends, artist friends, adventurous friends, foodie friends, collectors, and more. The guide includes ideas for activities and places to go as well as gifts. The guide is available at:

Want to make something yourself? Sugar scrubs are an easy and personal gift that’s sure to be a hit. All it takes is white or brown sugar, an unscented oil, and some scented essential oils of your choice. Add the unscented oil one tablespoon at a time to a cup of sugar and mix it until you get the consistency that you want and use the essential oils to add some personalized scents! It’s a treat for your family, friends, or yourself!

If you’re feeling crafty, but don’t want to use too many materials, check out this sewing pattern to make your very own Peaches the Mouse, a perfect gift for someone else or for yourself. The Google Drive file with the sewing pattern is available here: or can be found by searching “peaches the mouse”.

Speaking of treating yourself, let’s not forget our hot drinks that are perfect for watching the snow fall. There’s the classic hot chocolate, which you can always make with a powder, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can make from scratch with a simple recipe that’s easy to cater to your taste. All it takes is water, a bit of sugar, some chocolate, and, if you want to make it creamy and with a little foam: some milk and butter. First, you dissolve the sugar and chocolate in the water and bring it to a boil. Add milk and a pat of butter on a lower heat and bland it all together. You can use whatever proportions you want or even change the order of the ingredients to suit your taste.

But hot chocolate isn’t the only drink that’s a winter classic. Chai tea is a little harder to make at home but just as good for winter days. The easiest way to make chai tea at home is with a chai tea powder or concentrate, but if you want to try making your own, chai tea is made up of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and brown sugar mixed with black tea. Mix your homemade tea, or store-bought, into some warm milk for another winter classic.

The holidays can be a hard time in the best of times, with the cold weather and too many people, but we can always do our best to make every day a little bit better. Share your own holiday traditions and recipes and make new ones as the world changes.