How Are YOU Celebrating the Winter Holidays?

Michaela Hahn, Writer

The holidays are coming! This means it’s time for family, friends, and fun.

This year might be chaotic and unusual, but families are still figuring out how to celebrate this holiday season.

Whether you’re spending time with your close family in the comfort of your own home or connecting with your loved ones over a Zoom call, you’re bound to have a memorable celebration.

“I celebrate Christmas with my family, usually at home,” says a FHS junior. “I celebrate with lots of food and fun times.”

While going through with your traditions may be different, or even difficult this year, there are still ways to be sure that they go smoothly and are still enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Things you can do to be sure that your holiday is full of cheer include: scheduling a call with your loved ones, whether it be on the phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. You can also create your own interesting activities within your household, such as fun games or experimenting in the kitchen.

“I celebrate Christmas with my family, and sometimes my distant family. Sometimes we celebrate at home and other times we celebrate outside of the state,” says a GTJHS junior, “we celebrate by making a whole bunch of different foods, and if there is a football game on, we watch that together.”

If you don’t celebrate any holidays or have any traditions, you should still make your break a good one.