January Guest Poetry Spotlight

Unforgettable Lowest Highpoint

Anonymous, Poet

Unforgettable Lowest Highpoint

Thought crosses your mind, still take a chance

Give it hope, believe even if it’s not rap, singing or dance.

Clever to never say never but it’s never too late.

Sometimes the goals you have use you as bait. 

Don’t stall too much life, life is too short

Don’t worry about later

Having a hard time can’t hurt to try it on paper. 

When you feel worthless, alone fill your heart like a full stomach 

With Thanksgiving stuffin’.

Even when you’re sick, at your lowest point,

Don’t forget that you still mean something. 

Keep this in mind while young so when you grow old

You let good come your way; it can make what’s warm to hot go back to cold.

You have strong gut feelings

Trust them please indeed

Things can be bitter and turn sweet like from the big maple tree. 

By tomorrow comes fall back, no worries, take a sip. 

It has been a long trip 

Don’t cry because tears can also sink ships.