Sleep Schedules

Nina Milstein, Writer

School schedules are changing again as some students start a hybrid schedule and re-enter classrooms, however, since this change, we will be going back to coming to school at seven-thirty in the morning.

Since virtual school started, we have been waking up and getting to class by 8:30. Now, it is being changed to 7:30, the same time class started before the pandemic.

I asked a couple of students about their sleep schedule and how this new time will affect them. They agree that they don’t like waking up in the morning for school.  An anonymous student said, “It’s very inconvenient. We were more compatible to get on time to virtual school at 8:30, but now we are converting back to the original schedule.”

Another anonymous student said, “I really do not know how I am going to manage to do it. School is being tough already and now they come up with this change. It is going to be crazy”.

Yet another anonymous student said, “Waking up early is going to be tough this year. This early schedule time is going to be rough in the first few days but we will adapt to 7:30 like when we adjusted to 8:30 during the first semester.

A great way to improve your sleep schedule is to go to bed early so you will have enough sleep in the morning.  This will help you feel less tired but you will need to take it slow. However, you will need to keep up with school work.