Vaccines During Covid-19


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Coronavirus Covid-19 Protection and Vaccine. Doctor drawing up solution from vaccine bottle and filling syringe injection for patient vaccination in medical clinic, Coronavirus in background

Jordan Hastie, Writer

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, many of us are unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Across America, schools and public places are still not open or are practicing social distancing and strict capacity rules. Right here in Frederick County, schools will not be opening until the coming semester in which we will be doing a hybrid schedule.

Despite all these closures across America, essential workers have been active throughout the pandemic to support themselves and the economy. Teachers, Medical workers, Fast food/ restaurant employees, grocers, and others have been tirelessly working to keep the world turning. All of America is impatiently waiting to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, and most importantly eager to know when they will be receiving it.

The CDC released a priority list on how they have been tackling the pandemic, involving who and when people are to be given the vaccine. Phase 1a, which is already in effect made healthcare workers a top priority. This includes doctors, nurses, nursing home faculty, and anyone who’s employed to care for high risk or ill persons, that could easily catch or be impacted by the virus.

In early December, the CDC also announced that an Emergency use vaccine would be authorized for those 18 years or older, who were in critical condition. Including 18+ individuals who have contracted COVID and are in dire need of the vaccine. Currently, we are in Phase 1b/1C issuing the vaccine to people aged 75 years and older and non–health care frontline essential workers. Also in line, are those aged 65-74 and high-risk individuals aged 16-64.

So far only high-risk individuals, elderly people, and essential healthcare workers have received the vaccine. I think everyone can agree that these people should be first in line to get it, seeming as they have the most need for it.

What everyone is curious about is, when the regular population will be gaining access to the vaccine. According to Dr. Vivek Murthy, Joe Biden’s nominee for surgeon general, Phase 1b won’t be finished around late spring, meaning that it won’t be released into the general public until mid-summer. The date can also change, varying from state to state, because of different COVID-19 approaches or lack thereof.

In the state of Maryland, we are currently in Phase 1A/ 1B, including essential workers, healthcare workers, the elderly, and high risk. Phase 1C is in effect on Jan. 25 and accounts for public service workers, like grocers, agriculture, and manufacturing. Talk of the general public receiving the vaccine does not seem too important at this moment for MD. They are focused on the high-risk population and it is seeming like the public won’t be receiving the vaccine until late spring or summer. All we can do right now is stay home, wear a mask in public, and try our best to be patient and keep our spirits high!