Homelessness in Frederick County

Resources for the Community

Hunter Dickinson, Writer

Homeless shelters and other food banks are able to stay open and assist those in need thanks to the CDC. Many shelters and other resources are still active in the Frederick area. Homeless Shelter Directory is a website that will show you shelters in your area with information about how to get there.

Advocates for Homeless Families connects at-risk families with a case managers to help create a plan
and identify the obstacles that stand in their way to becoming more established. The whole process is to support families to become self-sufficient and stable. Other services include access to higher education,
access to career training, weekly life skills workshops, monthly support groups, and much more. Some of the requirements are that it must be a family and not an individual, other requirements include must be
18 years or older, custody of one or more minor children, must be willing to pursue education or job training, and you must be a Frederick resident. The program also requires clients to be sober for six months and remain that way  throughout the process.

The Alan P. Linton Emergency Shelter is a homeless shelter that holds eighty beds, which makes it the
largest shelter in the Frederick County area. This is a year around shelter program that runs seven days a week and allows residents to stay for a maximum of twenty-four hours. At the shelter they are provided with a bed, blankets, pillows, and a shower. Other products such as hygiene products are there if needed.

At the shelter, residents can get case management services for employment or other resources to like how
to secure proper housing.

Lastly, the Food Bank Program is run by the Frederick Community of Action, or FCAA. The food bank offers a three to five day supply of food to anyone who is facing financial crisis and is unable to afford groceries. This includes homeless, lower income families, and even moderate income families. The FCAA supplies 600-800 households a month roughly. They are open five days a week, but hours are limited so it’s first come, first served. The FCAA also runs the Soup Kitchen Program, which is in the same location. The soup kitchen is open seven days a week from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

There are many other resources and services available for those struggling in our community. All these places are also looking for volunteers to help out, especially the FCAA. Donations are also welcome including blankets, pillows, clothing, and hygiene products like soap and deodorant. These places are open and following strict guidelines to keep everyone safe.