Should We Have Virtual Days or Snow Days When It Snows?

Hailey Hill, Writer

Ever since virtual school started there has been many opinions on how it should roll out and what’s best for the students and teachers. This past winter there has been a lot of snow, which brought up a lot of arguments. Some saying we wouldn’t have school if we were in person, and some saying we shouldn’t have school days since we are home anyways. I asked a few students what they thought on this topic.

A little less than half of the students said they think we shouldn’t have school when it snows, some of the reasons were that we need more break time/time to ourselves when it comes to virtual learning, they said we are more stressed and tense then we were, before things got crazy.

The other majority said we shouldn’t get school off since the students and teachers were already used to doing school at home, and that if we get snow days for no reason our summer will be shorter.

We have gotten news that our summer is now only 6 weeks instead of the 10 weeks we normally get, if snow days happen and we get days added onto the school year, the summer will be even shorter than it already was intended.

I do not think the snow days should be added onto the school year, since that will make it even shorter that will lead to more stressed teens and less time in between the school years for us to relax.

I asked teachers what they thought about this topic as well. All teachers said that they think we shouldn’t have breaks, the reason was the longer we stay in school the less summer they also get, students won’t be the only one losing their summer, teachers will as well.

Sometimes people forget that teachers have lives outside of teaching, some of families and they need breaks too. Overall, the information shows that most of TJ’s population thinks that we shouldn’t get breaks when it snows, since they all believed it would be better for all of us.