Winter Bring Back TJ Sports

Sawyer Kalbaugh, Writer

With the winter season coming to an end and the fall season starting up again we have seen TJ make some good plans on how they’re bringing back sports for athletes. There are new rules and safety regulations to make practices and games safer. There can’t be an audience at sporting events and social distancing and masks are being used. TJ and the rest of the FCPS board are making sports look safe in this new world of Covid-19.

Before every practice all athletes must fill out a google form asking them Covid-19 oriented questions. If any athletes say yes to the questions then they won’t be allowed to go to practice. An audience isn’t allowed at any games or meets, but TJ has all of the sporting events live streamed or recorded on YouTube. I asked Amin Contreras, an athlete at TJ, how he felt about going to practice and he said “I feel safe going to practice every day since they’ve made successful rules and regulations.” Although masks are required at all sporting events some exceptions are made for athletes. For example, at the last track meet of the indoor season track athletes could run their races without a mask. This seems reasonable but it makes you wonder about close contact sports like football and wrestling. During this last winter season wrestlers did not wear masks during their matches. Wrestling is a very tiring sport that takes a lot of stamina so it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to wear a mask. But if one of the wrestlers happens to be Covid-19 positive it could easily spread to the rest of the team. It makes you wonder how TJ and FCPS will handle the upcoming football games.

We have already seen Covid-19 getting in the way of Frederick sports before. At Tuscarora High school the entire boys’ varsity basketball team was shut down due to one of the athletes coming in close contact with someone who was Covid-19 positive. Seeing how easily this virus can shut down sporting programs that quickly it could be scary seeing a contact sport like football come into play. But TJ has had some of the best results in the county when introducing sports again. We have made it through a winter season of sports with zero Covid-19 scares. Knowing this TJ can definitely bring a safe fall season to its athletes.