Dare or Dare

Anonymous, Poet

I dare you to do something rare. 

I dare you to ignore when they stare. 

I dare you to take a trip to Mars

I dare you to have the heart to think large.

I dare you to not hide all of your guilt. 

I dare you to trust that for a reason you’re built

the way that you’re built.

Don’t leave when all your emotions tilt. 

I dare you to imagine life without luxury or at its best reach.

I dare you to think of life as a summer sunny day on the best beach. 

I dare you to read this and take a walk outside.

I dare you to give me what you call pride. 

I dare you to loosen up without using a wrench. 

I dare you to not listen to coach when you sitting on that bench. 

You was made for good purpose; was born to win. 

I double dawg dare you to look at life as being fair. 

I triple dawg dare you to get up off that chair. 

I double dawg dare you to believe in the who you are 

And what we call on you. 

Dare you to believe we wasn’t born to ever lose. 

Dare you to trust that I’m telling you the truth. 

I dare you to sometimes listen to what we gotta say, talking about the youth. 

You got a gift, take a trip.

Dare you to go for the ball.