Shorter Summer?

Hailey Hill, Writer

There has been talk that summer break for 2021 is going to be 6 weeks instead
of the usual 10. A lot of opinions have formulated around this, some from students,
parents and teachers. I asked two students and a teacher what they thought about
Emma Hafner was the first person I talked to, she’s a student at our school. I
asked her around 4 questions around this topic.
H: “How do you feel about a shorter summer break?”
Emma: “I wish summer vacation was longer, I had a good feeling about this
summer, now that it’s shorter it takes the excitement away.”
I then asked her my second question.
H: “Will the summer ruin any planned vacations?”
Emma: “No, I normally go with the flow with things, same with my family, but
I planned a few fun things with my close friends.”
Then the third…
H: Do you think having a shorter summer is better or worse for the students?”
Emma: “Summer is a time where we get a break from school, have little to
worry about, a time for us not to be stressed and a time for us to have fun. It’s more
worse then better.”
I then asked my last question for Emma.
H: “Do you think it was a good decision made by the Board of Education?”
Emma: “This wasn’t a smart move, I know there are many others who are upset
besides me, it seems like they didn’t think this through.
From this interview I had with Emma, she seems to be more on the “No” side
about this decision.
The second person I interviewed is another student who goes to our school.
Her name is Chinaza, I also asked her 4 questions.
H: “How do you feel about the shorter summer?”
Chinaza: ““I wish it was longer, I like relaxing and not having to stress about
turning stuff in on time.”
Then came the second question.
H: “How will this affect you personally?”
Chinaza: “I’m a pretty get to the point person, I try to keep up with things as
much as possible, but like everyone else i’m a human. I have personal things going on,
things I rather deal with on it’s own instead of including other problems along with
I then asked her the third question.
H: “Do you think students deserve more than a 6 week break?”
Chinaza: “Yes, all students worry about for months straight is school, especially
now since covid and virtual school. Having our normal 10 weeks off wouldn’t hurt or
affect anyone, we need it.”
And finally, I asked the last question.
H: “Is summer ruined?”
Chinaza: “No it’s not ruined, it’s not like we won’t have a break, it just sucks.”
From this interview I can also conclude that Chinaza isn’t happy about this
decision either. Most of the students aren’t.
The last person I interviewed is a teacher, Mr. Rippeon. Like the others I asked
4 questions, I had barely heard teachers talk on this subject so I wanted to see what
he had to say.
H: “How do you feel about the shorter summer?”
Mr. Rippeon: “Personally, I have to work during the summer to make money to
support my family, so summers are not very long for me anyhow.”
Then I asked the second question.
H: “As a teacher do you think it should be longer?”
Mr. Rippeon: “There are some teachers who are in a favor of year round school,
with 10 weeks of school and then a 3 week break.”
Then the third.
H: “If it does, how does this affect you?”
Mr. Rippeon: “The shorter summer this year allows the 2021-2022 school year
to end around June 1st, so I am looking forward to the long 2022 summer.”
I finally got around to the last question.
H: “Speaking for most teachers, do teachers deserve a longer break over the
Mr. Rippeon: “ “I cannot speak for teachers as a whole, since we all have very
different circumstances.
After interviewing Mr. Rippeon, he doesn’t seem to mind the decision, he
didn’t seem to pick a specific side, as most teachers probably would.