Graduation 2021



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Sawyer Kalbaugh, Writer

With the 2021 school year already starting to come to an end, many students and parents are
wondering what graduation for our seniors on June 1st is going to look like. Based off of an
interview with Ms. Kibler, Governor Thomas Johnson High School Principal, this year’s
graduation looks like it’s going to work out and be safe for all of the people in attendance. The
graduation could possibly be live streamed for those unable to attend in person. It sounds like
TJ is going to be prepared for everything and make this year’s graduation happen.
The graduation will be held outdoors in the stadium at TJ to have as safe of an environment as
possible and socially distance in the most efficient manner. The only downside to this is that the
weather could delay the graduation by a day or two. I asked Ms. Kibler about other rules they
might have set in place to protect everyone from the virus and she said “Obviously social
distancing and masks will be mandated but that could change based on what the CDC says.” It
doesn’t seem like Maryland is going to let the masks come off but she also said “Each student
will have two tickets for audience members but there won’t be room for congregating in groups.”
The two tickets per graduate rule could change prior to the event; the school will continue to
keep the community informed as all involved prepare for this momentous event.
I could tell Ms. Kibler wants this to be a memorable graduation for this year’s seniors. She said,
“There will be extra seating, sound equipment, and live stream equipment.” TJ administration is
working with different companies to make all of this happen so it looks like it should be a safe
and successful graduation.