TJ’s Field Hockey Team

Hailey Hill, Writer

There has been some talk that TJ’s field hockey team isn’t as good as some claim it to be. Checking the scores it seemed like they didn’t have the season they all wanted. So, I asked one current member and the main coach a few questions relating to their team.

Rylie Lach has been on the field hockey team since freshman year, she’s now a junior.

 Hailey: “Do you think your team is doing well?”

Rylie: “The team is doing well, everyone was excited to have the opportunity to play this season.”

Then I asked the second question.

Hailey: “How do you feel about this season?”

Rylie: “I’m looking forward to the season, it’s the last year with the seniors so we are putting everything into games and practices.”

Then came the third question.

Hailey: “Do you think you and the team work well with the sport in general?”

Rylie: “I think the team does work well when playing, we all have a passion for it and the new players are learning and working hard to play at a varsity level.”

Then the last question.

Hailey: “How much do you care about winning? Or does it not really matter as long you’re having fun?”

Rylie: “I don’t care too much about winning, it’s nice to win but sometimes it’s more important to have a good time with your teammates.”

From this interview Rylie basically told us that the team works pretty well together and that’s all that matters.

After I got done asking Rylie some questions, I decided to ask Coach Lacy, the varsity coach a few questions as well.

Hailey: “How do you think your team is doing as a whole?”

Coach Lacy: “Our field hockey team here at GTJHS is continuing to grow, as a program. We are focused on finding and owning our team vision, maintaining positive culture, and athlete recruitment.”

Then, I asked the second question.

Hailey: “With being a coach, is it frustrating when it comes to a losing game?”

Coach Lacy: “As a coach my job is to focus on the aspects of both wins and losses in order to grow our strengths, no matter the outcome.”

I asked the third.

Hailey: Are there a few things you can work on?

Coach Lacy: “As we approach the Fall 2021 season, our team goals will be to continue to grow within ourselves as athletes, females, teammates and field hockey community members.”

And finally, the last question.

Hailey: “Do you think your team works well together?”
Coach Lacy: “I believe that every team dynamic is different, and the key is to find and create cohesion no matter who is on the field. The ability to be a good teammate is essential to one’s success at the next level and in life.”

After the interviews with a team member and coach, we can conclude that the TJ team is all about teamwork and having confidence in yourself, no matter the ups and downs they always try to stay positive and stick together.