Prom to Be Held by Parents at Frederick Fairgrounds

Katalin Pennington, Writer

Back in March the upperclassmen of TJ got the bad news that the school would not be having a Prom this year. The school didn’t have enough time and resources to hold the dance, and they are focusing their energy in planning a Graduation for Seniors, so that the dance had to get the boot.

Obviously, this was very upsetting news to hear, for the Seniors especially. Although the Seniors were Juniors last school year, they were still able to go to the Prom if they wanted, but it wasn’t possible because of the Pandemic. To hear that news again was devastating, especially when Prom is a big rite of passage in High School and is something that many students look forward to experiencing. When the news came that parents were going to be holding the Prom, students were understandably joyful. We now get to have this rite of passage we weren’t sure we were getting at the beginning of the school year.

Prom Tickets have been available for seniors since Spring Break, with ticket sales being available in many locations in Frederick on various days. None of which were at TJ itself, since this Prom is not a direct school event. Ticket sales have been more recently opened for TJ’s Juniors and TJ’s graduating class of 2020. It is also possible for Underclassmen to come as a plus one to one of the Upperclassmen, but other than that ticket sales are unavailable to them.

TJ is not the only school in Frederick County holding a parent planned Prom. There are other parents from other schools who were able to book the Fairgrounds as the venue for their prom as well before the venue was fully booked. TJ was one of the first schools in the county to book the venue so they are able to have their prom there, Walkersville is another school in the County which got a hold of the Fairgrounds venue before the spots closed.

There is one other parent planning a different alternative prom for all FCPS Juniors and Seniors at a smaller venue then the Fairgrounds somewhere in Downtown Frederick at the beginning of June. All these options raise the question of which one is going to be the safer option for students to attend? I believe that the TJ prom will be the safer option for TJ students because there is guaranteed to be less people there since it is only available to TJ students and not the broad scope of the whole upperclassmen of FCPS. They are also taking necessary safety precautions, having security already hired.

The TJ Prom has a donation opened to anyone where you can donate money to help pay for all the expenses of the Prom. The donations are open on the TJ Prom Facebook page where updates for the event is posted.

TJ’s Prom is going to be on Saturday, May 15 at the Frederick Fairgrounds at the times 8pm to 11pm.