TJ’s New Spring Play Goes Virtual


Kristen Ion

The students of TJ Stage have been working so hard to put on the spring play. I am happy to share that everything has been rehearsed, edited, and is now ready for your viewing. I am attaching the poster which has the QR Code to view the play. There is also a QR Code if you would like to donate to TJ Stage. Feel free to share the poster with family and friends.

The spring play is titled Touch Screen by up and coming playwright Maggie Munday Odom. Here is a synopsis of the play:

“Touch Screen is a new play by Maggie Munday Odom reflecting on the complexities of adolescent relationships over technology in the midst of a COVID-19 landscape. A series of seven intertwined vignettes bookended by a prologue and epilogue, it explores what it means to fall in love and come-of-age in a virtual realm.”

Thank you for supporting the students of TJ Stage. I am so incredibly proud of them and how hard they worked to come together and perform this play.

Kristen Ion and Caitlin Barnes