Things to Do During the Summer in Frederick

Naudiah Harris, Writer

Frederick is most beautiful during the summer. It is home to a lot of beautiful parks, historical sites, trails, festivals and other events. Nice weather is good for walks around baker park, bike riding through downtown, or going to local stores in town. Frederick has a variety of things to do over the summer, here are some fun activities that’ll make your summer vacation worth it.

Taking a stroll downtown and exploring different stores and historic places is always an adventure. There are many new places to visit every year, one of them being “Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience.” There’re different themes of escape rooms to choose from which makes the game even better. Escape rooms consist of finding clues, solving puzzles, and working together to free you and your friends from the room. Thought out storylines are made to make the experience seem more legit. Workers make it completely clear that you can leave at any time and only want their customers to have a great time. None of the themes are haunted/scary. The escape rooms are solely based on fun and kid friendly themes. Customers will never play with strangers, you can reserve rooms for you and your party. The price gets lower and lower. Each game is 60 minutes long which makes the game more exciting. You can ask for as many hints as you want or, ask for none at all. Customers don’t have to bring anything; the employees provide everything you need. All ages are welcome to play and children 6 and under get in free.

“The Boulder Yard” is the only rock-climbing gym for people of all ages. It’s located right across from Crestwood Middle School. Masks are required at all times when customers are in the building. It’s open on weekdays from 11am – 10pm and on weekends from 7am – 5pm. The company takes COVID precautions seriously and requires hand sanitizer to be used before and after climbing. Customers are also required to wash their hands as well. The building only allows 50% capacity or lower. The employees specialize to boulder style rock climbing which is “a form of free climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls without use of ropes or harnesses.” They also provide a full weight room to work out in. Martial arts classes, yoga, group fitness classes, TRX and speed boxing classes are also available at The Boulder Yard. They also have an Ultimate Warrior Summer Camp for kids!