Summer Sports

Vivian Renkey, Writer

With the spring sports season coming to a close, many athletes are looking to the summer to keep in shape and continue practicing their sports. It is essential, though, when playing a sport in the summer, to sign up for a league that is both reliable and helpful.

Although sports usually have a specific season that they take place in, like football in the fall, or basketball in the winter, a variety of sports are played during the summer. Casual sports like beach volleyball, tennis, biking or ultimate frisbee are often played unofficially by those looking to stay active. However, there are official summer leagues, like club teams and teams put together by organizations or schools, that play more competitive and popular sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball or baseball.

Here in Frederick, there are many options for those who wish to participate in summer sports. The YMCA of Frederick offers countless sports and camps to enroll in. Not only do they include classes for every age, but the YMCA provides everything from water fitness to Martial Arts and Karate. The YMCA has a full list of their summer sessions, which start on June 20th and end August 21st, on their website.

Other options for summer athletes are more competitive, structured teams. FC Frederick is a popular soccer organization that offers competitive leagues for kids from middle to high school. FISC, or the Frederick Indoor Sports Center, is another recreational center/sports club that hosts teams and competitions from around the county. Although their building is meant for indoor soccer, and even contains a store that sells soccer equipment, it is also used by other kinds of athletes that can use their indoor turf fields and their multiple other facilities, like the basketball, baseball or weightlifting areas.

Many GTJHS coaches provide summer conditioning and practices for their athletes, or may even recommend a league or team to apply to. “The football team will be lifting weights three times a week, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,” says Coach Humphries, who is the head coach of Varsity football at GTJHS. “Strength-training and lifting weights gets us prepared for the season by making us bigger, stronger and faster. Weight-lifting prevents possible injuries for the season, and builds team comradery for the next season. Incoming freshmen, rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors can all sign up.”

If you competed in any GTJHS sport during the fall, winter or spring, make sure to ask your coach about possible practices in the summer to prepare for the next season. There will be a “Meet the Coaches Night” on Tuesday, June 15th in the TJ Main Gymnasium at 7pm for athletes interested in Fall 2021 sports. Athletes will be able to ask questions and collect the necessary paperwork needed to participate.

Whether you’re planning on playing and improving your skills in a specific sport this summer, or just want to stay in shape and have fun, summer sports are a great activity for this summer.