Advantages and Disadvantage of Community College

Sawyer Kalbaugh, Writer

As the end of high school draws near for many, students are beginning to think
about what plans they want to make for their future. Most are considering which
colleges and scholarships they want to apply to, and costs are often a deciding factor. A
lot of high schoolers choose to go to community college, as it can help with college
affordability, but what other advantages are there to this option? What disadvantages
might there be to choosing a community college over other options?

First, let’s go over the cons. Community college can be very appealing to those
who haven’t made up their minds on what they want to major in yet, because it gives
you some more time to think about that. But community college has a limited curriculum
and a way lighter workload than other colleges. Knowing this you might not be
challenged enough going into a community college, which could be disappointing. Most
community colleges also lack in having a lively social atmosphere. They have clubs and
small organizations, but if you’re looking for a big social scene, then community college
probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, a lighter workload comes with a flexible schedule, so
community college could be a good and not too overwhelming first step. Many high
schools support the idea of getting a head-start on your college credits using community
college. GTJHS(TJ) and FCC are using a program called dual enrollment that allows
students to complete college credit classes while still attending TJ. Community college
offers qualified professors for a cheap price and has a lot smaller classes than a private
university. It offers a slow and gradual start to college for kids who are struggling to
develop their plan for the future.