Lunar New Year

Michaiah Varnes, Writer

February is a month of love, celebration, new beginnings, and the start of an era. It’s the
transition of the old into the new. Many celebrations take place throughout the year such as
Valentine’s day, arrival of spring, and Chinese Lunar New Year. The most popular holiday in the
month of February is Lunar New Year which is a very festive time that usually takes place in
East and Southeast Asia including China, South Korea, and Vietnam. The celebration only lasts
for 15 days in the month of February, on the final day of the New Year a Spring Lantern Festival
happens. During that time families usually spend time with each other constantly, creating
memories, and being grateful for one other. It’s a special time for people who celebrate this
holiday every year because all generations come together to honor household traditions and their
profound ancestry. Each year in the lunar calendar there are 12 zodiac animals that are picked to
represent the Lunar New year based on the 12 cycles of the sun going in the path of the cosmos.
This year’s chosen animal to represent the Chinese New Year is the water tiger which comes
every 60 years. It represents the meaning of family and friends relationships or can be special
people in someone’s life. The way to celebrate Lunar New Year is to light fireworks, firecrackers,
wear red clothes, put out bright red and orange decorations. This ensures good fortune and
prosperity for the New Year. Anyone can celebrate this holiday young or old. It’s a universal
holiday that brings people together for a New Year ahead.