2020-2021 Staff

Jordan Hastie

Senior Editor

Jordan Hastie (she/her), Senior I play field hockey and lacrosse, and I love being outside in the sun. I take Journalism because I am interested in communications, media, and digital marketing in college. I love doing research...

Nina Milstein


Nina Milstein, Senior I am an active participant in Yearbook Club, Critters Club, and Let’s Talk About Movies. My interests are sports, writing, communications, volunteering, pop music, and video gaming.

Michaela Hahn


Michaela Hahn (she/they), Junior I am interested in graphic design, playing guitar, listening to and studying music. My Dream Job would be a full time musician or music producer. In the past, I have been involved with GSA and...

Jordyn Greene


Jordyn Greene (she/her), Senior I played tennis my freshman year, ran cross-country my sophomore year, and long-distance for indoor track & field both sophomore and junior year. I also volunteered with the Girl Scouts for...

Kylie Dimapan


Kylie Dimapan (she/her), Junior. In school I favor math but alongside that I take interest in theatre. This is my second year taking a Digital Journalism course and I’m excited to bring new content to TJ’s community.

Hunter Dickinson


Hunter Dickinson (he/they), Senior. I’m very excited to be a part of journalism this year and write some cool stories for the school newspaper! I’m very passionate about mental health awareness, queer and transgen...

Lauren Kluttz


Lauren Kluttz (she/her), Junior. Over the past three years I have been involved in several activities here at TJ, which include: Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, FBLA, SGA, Female Empowerment, and Latin Club. I am the current...

Nenita GapudTressler

Writer, Senior Editor

Nenita GapudTressler, (they/she) Senior I’m excited to be a part of the newspaper again this year and to be a senior editor. Writing is my passion and I love finding ways to improve. I’m a member of NHS and the GSA. In...

Leigha Plugge

Writer, Photographer

Leigha Plugge (she/her), Senior Photography has always been a big part of my life, but recently I have been exploring with other art forms including film and writing, especially poems. I also love being in nature, taking walks,...