One Successful Pep Rally!

Sean Adgerson, Writer

On February 17th, There was a pep rally that included the likes of all winter sports, including swimming, bocce, wrestling and basketball not to mention the Latin Dance Club and Patriettes.

The wrestling team had an amazing performance with two sophomores going at it and showcasing their talents, as well as Seniors Enuel Addoquaye and Ryan Fitzgerald going at it like gladiators in the WWE with suplexes galore. The Varsity Basketball team is currently sitting at 13-7, with their final match being a loss at home against Tuscarora 57-50, their next game is a playoff match against cross city rival Frederick High.

The Latin Dance Club also performed and did a spectacular job with conveying their expressions on the floor with their dances. The Patriettes also performed right after the Latin Dance Club with the Varsity Cheerleaders and did a great job as well getting a good reaction from the rest of spectators watching.

Senior and Team Captain of the Wrestling team Enuel Addoquaye, had a few words to say about his performance and how his leadership and experiences not only as the wrestling captain, but football captain as well. “It was exhilarating and exhausting, overall a great experience for me and my teammates. Well fake or not, prior to all my matches I am always nervous. I wasn’t super nervous though since I had gone over this routine for some time. We rehearsed it for one week. My coach said that based on my character and leadership, I deserved to be in the pep rally. But to me, it’s very important since as a senior and captain a lot of people look up to me, even in day to day school. I try to leave a good impression on people since I firmly believe that you never know if treating someone nicely may change their life for the better. However being a captain, it was a lot of fun but it was a little stressful, sometimes it felt like I had all the responsibilities yet none of the privileges. An example would be when a coach wasn’t around, I had to take charge so when they came back the lack of productivity would not fall on me. But thanks to my coaches and teammates I got through it.”

In summary, this winter sports pep rally was a major success, and a spectacle to be remembered fondly when looking back on the 2021-2022 school year. It was fun, exciting, from the surprise performance by the drummers and the wrestling extravaganza!