March: Women’s History Month

Hencer Harmon, Writer

March is here which means many important holidays are coming up to celebrate; one being international women’s day. International women’s day takes place on Tuesday, Mar 8 this year. This special day is used to celebrate the achievements and advancements made by women across multiple fields. The earliest practice of this day was held on Feb 28, 1909 in New York City by the Socialists’ Party of America and suggested by female activist Theresa Malkiel. Women have had a large influence on society for hundreds and hundreds of years whether it was nurturing, taking care of family, standing up for equal rights, and becoming the centerpiece of society. Without them the world would be a completely different place due to everything woman has done over the years. One example of a woman who changed was Hedy Lamarr. The well known actor of her time which was due to her popular screen presence invented the tech behind Wi-Fi. She developed a new method of a system called frequency hopping which was a way of disguising radio transmissions by making the signal jump from different channels in a prearranged pattern. This system was essentially used for combating the Nazis during the war however this also became the early developments of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in which we use everyday throughout the world. Due to everything women have done for us all over the world it is only right to spend a day to show love and support to our strong, brave, and influential women.