The Young versus The Old

TJ to Host Students vs Faculty Basketball Game

Michaiah Varnes, Writer

As the end of the school year is approaching for students and teachers, what better way to celebrate good things that have happened. All grade levels can attend this exciting basketball game where all generations can interact and seniors can experience one last basketball game before we all go our separate ways in the world. The Student vs. Teacher basketball game is where large populations of the school can compete against each other to win an epic basketball game. A game where it combines the new and old ways of winning or losing a basketball game. The game of shooting balls in hoops at high distances and velocities has been around for centuries. The greatest influential people in the world were professional basketball players who won multiple awards such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan. They changed the way of how basketball is played and what positive things you can do with your platform. What better way to spend a Friday night after a long day, which is coming to a Student vs. Teacher basketball game is the way to go.

Go Patriots!!!