Students Beat Staff in Basketball


Michael Chavez

Bryan Asung gets a little coaching from Leo Ryley before he pies Coach Manley

Hencer Harmon, Writer

On April 6th, the students took on the faculty in a basketball game which didn’t disappoint. The student team was led and coached by students Jadet Charriez and Cecil Doherty while the faculty were coached and led by Mrs. Kibler. The two teams were battling it out from the start however, the teachers were always trailing from behind. With the strategic substitutions and adjustments made by both teams they were able to keep the game close coming into halftime.

During halftime a special event took place. Students were given the opportunity to pie a faculty member if they made the 3-point shot. One of these students included Bryan Asang making a shot which resulted in the given opportunity to pie his basketball coach, Coach Manning. Going into the second half, the students were up on the teachers dominating the game. They were hitting jumpers, playing defense, anything you can imagine to go in their favor. This wouldn’t last very long though due to the help of Mr. Chase and Coach Ingram coming in hot gave the faculty the spark they needed to stay in this game.

Going into the fourth quarter there was a bunch of back in fourth going on, the lead constantly changing. With the help of these two the fourth quarter remained just that. Competition all the way into the last 10 seconds in which Mr. Chase missed a gut-wrenching potential game winner at the buzzer which would’ve sent his team home with the win. With the score tied of both teams, they proceeded in overtime. The students weren’t playing around. Every shot they attempted went in which the faculty couldn’t respond. The students as a result walked away with branding rights and the win after a close game against the faculty with the score of 58 – 53. Better luck next time faculty members!