What did TJ students do over Spring Break?

Sean Adgerson, Writer

This year, students in Frederick County have enjoyed their Spring Break, from Good Friday on April 15th, to Sunday April 24th. Many students have gone all over the country and even left the country for spring break. Personally I  left the U.S to spend some time with our neighbors up north, Canada. I interviewed TJ students and checked out what they had done over this break.

Junior Aiden Brown and he had told me that over the weekend, he had participated in an AAU tournament with his team in Philadelphia. “My teammate Mo sold us in the 2nd round. He went for a lay up and hit the side of the backboard.” He had anger in his voice. “I also slept in the lobby of a comfort inn, because it was comfortable and my legs were hurt.” He is currently 5’5 and plays point guard.

Sophomore Samantha Goetz, and she told me that her brothers came over from Columbia, MD. “I haven’t seen my brothers in a while, and so to be able to see them made my entire Spring Break.” She said with a grin on her face. She is currently trying to start up her own club, the fashion club here at TJ.

Sophomore Ezra Hough, he told me that he had left the first Saturday of the break and went to Jacksonville by himself. “I had left from BWI by myself and flew into Atlanta for a layover. From there I flew into Jacksonville to meet up with my family.” He said while smiling. “I had a great time in Jacksonville, I went to the beach and I got to see my little brothers and sisters so it was a great experience.”

All in all, students in TJ and around Frederick County had a good Spring Break, and as April comes to a close, there’s only 4-5 weeks until the end of the school year until Summer Break and our class of 2022 graduate.