The College Application Process

Jackson "JD" Day, Writer

College applications are a big step for seniors in High School. This is what some teachers had to say about the College application process. Ms. Perkins answered the question tips for college applications “ Give yourself adequate time, that means looking up the colleges you think you’ll apply to, getting due dates, do a pros and cons list, wanna think about tuition.” The next question  Ms. Perkins answered was what steps you need to take in this process “ The 1st thing you need to do is make sure you sit for the SAT’s, lookup for application fee, narrow down to 5-10 colleges you want to apply to, speak to your school counselors for help, sign up for college workshop, when you do that you are safe to apply to  your colleges.” Then the last question Ms. Perkins answered how you should start the college application process by “Getting a perspective of what you want to pursue, think about going to a community college for 2 years.”

The next person that I interviewed to get more information on the college application process was Coach Myers. Coach Myers answered the question tips for college application  “Determine what major(s) you’re interested in. Location – Do you want to stay close to home? ” The next question is what steps you need to take in the college application process. Coach Myers answered it “ Do research to determine what schools have your major. If you’re interested and they have your major, consider visiting the campus. See if it’s a good fit. You should be able to get a good feel if the school would be a good fit. Then the last question that Coach Myers answered was what advice do you have for me when it comes to the college application process he answered it “ Do what is right/best for you. Set challenging, but attainable, goals for yourself. Continue to push yourself during senior year. Students who push themselves throughout their entire high school career stand out during the application process.”

Moving forward in the college application process you need to stay ahead of the college application process and by doing that it comes down to planning, timing, and organization. Next you always need a plan before you start the college application process because you can’t just start the process if you have no idea what you want to do so you will need a plan before you start this process. Make sure you evaluate each school you are thinking about applying to. A big helpful tip in the college application process is trying to narrow the total of schools you’re applying to down to the 5-10 range. It will help you out a lot and it will make it easy on you during this process.  Then you have to make sure you completed everything on the college checklist such as completing your brag sheet, getting your teacher recommendations, then getting your college essays done for the application. Due dates are big when it comes to the college application process because if you don’t get your application in before the due dates you won’t be accepted. Early Decision due date is November, Early action is November, Regular decision is late December into early January. Always check to see how much the application fee is the application fee can be anywhere from $44-$100. Always make sure to see if you need to add your transcript in the application or not. When you’re applying there are 3 types of schools you need to apply to and that is your Dream school, Safety schools, then Possible schools.