High Expectations: Students, Jobs, Sports, and Good Grades

Jose Doradea-Guevara, Writer

For generations students have had to balance a job and schoolwork, some have failed, some have succeeded, and some have been persuaded by money. In most states, kids can work at about age 14, and some parents are sometimes scared that their child might leave school and start fully working.

I asked students if they had a job, if they were in a sport, or in any extracurricular activities, 3/8 said that they didn’t have an after-school activity and 5/8 were in a sport, 3/8 claimed not to be stressed. All of the students want to be in an after-school activity if possible but are scared that it will lower their grades and be too stressful.

Alex Powers, a Frederick High sophomore said, “I sometimes worry if I will have to sleep late and still not have enough time to finish homework.”

Victoria Jacobo, a TJ freshman, says that she is regularly stressed about the amount of homework that she has to complete. Daniella Gutierrez, a Frederick High freshman, says “the hardest thing about my classes might be turning in work on time” , the only difference between Daniella and the other students is that she would like to play volleyball next year. all of these students are currently not in an after-school activity but all claimed to be stressed about the number of homework teachers give.

If students can’t drive or if they have any other complication it could mess up their school work quality and completion. The amount of responsibilities is something students should get used to or get better control over. Procrastination is also a huge problem since the smallest amount of procrastination has the great potential of
disrupting your schedule. Schedule-making could also be a problem since activities cant overlap.

There are ways to help, especially with technology. Schools now have tutors that can help you do your school work. You can also set reminders on your phone so you’re less likely to forget about assignments. More sleep and naps during the day could help you be more productive and could decrease procrastination. Using the calendar app on your phone, making all the tasks for the week and making them as the tasks are given will help especially if you make it visible as soon as you open your phone. Communication with your teacher or coaches or instructors can help you get more time or help to do school work.