Alternatives to the Homecoming Dance

Nico Truini, Writer

Do you like rooms packed full with people? Do you like spending way too much money on clothes you’ll wear maybe twice in your life? Do you have friends? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you should consider some alternatives to the big Homecoming dance. 

In this Halloween season, horror fans should look out for all the movies being shown at the Westview theater. Do you really want to miss Prey For The Devil, Halloween Ends, or Terrifier 2? If horror isn’t your thing, there are still options for you to check out. Those looking for something they can watch with little siblings, consider Ticket to Paradise or Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. Or those who want a fictional drama to forget their own, look out for The Woman King and Till. Also Dyane “The Rock” Johnson is in a new film, Black Adam, and who would want to skip out on our boy The Rock? There’s even a Coldplay live showing going on, if you even know who they are.

Maybe you’re still looking to be social, just not in the cesspit of high school dances. Here’s an innovative idea for you, go hang out anywhere else with them. Get food at a local restaurant. Support small businesses downtown. Or just walk around and window shop if you don’t have spending in the budget right now. You can even wander around a Home Depot if you want. Anything can be fun when you spend time with friends!

This time could also be the perfect opportunity to hunker down and work on some important things. For seniors, this means putting work into college applications. Deadlines are fast approaching, so the best time for effort is now. Everyone else, just do your homework or something, especially if you couldn’t even get a ticket because your grades were too low. If neither of those things apply to you, try helping around your house, I’m sure your parental figures would love that. You might even be able to get some ice cream out of the deal if you ask nicely.

Work is boring though, but there are still plenty of other things to do at home. There are innumerous video games to play that are all vastly more interesting than standing around for a few hours. You can even build your own homecoming in Minecraft, why would you ever need the real one. Instead of awkward social conventions of talking to someone face to face, you can seek out online friends and have conversations with them. If you already have a little group going, you could host your own homecoming on Discord, which would be 100 times cooler than anything a planning committee could put together. 

Long story short, anything would be better than homecoming. School dances are lame and needlessly stressful. No shade to those who like these things, but also consider how easy disease can spread with a bunch of people packed in a small space, just saying. Stay healthy, stay away from homecoming.