College Bowl Games

Jackson "JD" Day, Writer

It is College Bowl Game time. College Bowl Games are for teams who had at least 6 wins and a winning percentage of .500. There are 2 bowl games for the College Football Playoffs. A total of 82 teams need to fill all 41 bowl games, then there is the College Football Playoffs for the top 4 teams. The teams that are in the playoffs this year have Georgia, Michigan, TCU, Ohio State. I interviewed teachers here at TJ: Mr. Gartrell, Coach McLister, and Mr. Branzell.

First person that was interviewed was Mr. Gartrell about his views on the college football bowl games and he said “He certainly watches the bowl games unless they affect his schedule.” Another question I asked Mr. Gartrell is which team he wants to win the college football championship. He answered with “GO Bulldogs for Georgia.” The last question that I asked Mr. Gartrell was what bowl game he is most interested in and he said, “Dukes Mayo bowl since Maryland is it and obviously the college football playoffs games.”

I interviewed Coach McLister about his views on the college football bowl games and he said, “ An 12 team playoff would make things more interesting and would allow those teams that didn’t get in to have a chance to make it.” I asked Coach McLister who he thinks will win the College Football Championship this year and he said,” Georgia.”

I interviewed Mr. Branzell about his views on the college football bowl game and he said, “It was arbitrary because there is not a set process on how teams get picked for the bowl games.” But it adds a twist to it because it is authentic. Mr. Branzell thinks that Georgia is going to win the College football championship this year. The bowl game Mr. Branzell is interested in the most is the Orange bowl because of Clemson he enjoys watching them play, also the Gator Bowl with Notre Dame because his family is a big Notre Dame fan, and the last bowl game he is interested in is the Celebration bowl with Jackson State because this is Deion Sanders last game as the head coach at Jackson State before he goes off to Colorado.

It is clear that teachers here at TJ are all for College Football Bowl Games. The bowl games give them something to watch during winter break. The teachers here at TJ also want Georgia to win the College Football championship this year.