World Cup, Part 2

Sebastian Funes, Writer

As the World Cup slowly closes and comes near to the end, their has been much drama and surprising results to every group. As big teams losing against the odds like Argentina, Germany, and Belgium. Also having many goal scoring matches and teams that have beaten other popular teams. Teams like Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Uruguay didn’t make it out of their groups sadly. So far their has been dramatic games and exciting games. 

Even more amazing results during the round of 16 with Morocco beating Spain against all the odds. Spain was coming in the favorites in the game but Morocco played stunning defense against the world cup winners in 2010 Spain. It all came down to end with penalties deciding the winner of the game being Morocco. Including goal scoring matches with Brazil and Portugal making incredible games. Also Argentina, France, England, and Croatia moving on. 

The quarter final took all of us by surprise with Brazil and Portugal going out of the world cup by Croatia and Morocco. Fan favorite Brazil lost their match to Croatia on penalties and Portugal fell out losing by 1 goal against Morocco. Also including an exciting game with Argentina and Netherlands facing each other. Argentina was leading 2 – 0 against Netherlands but by the end in the 80th minute the Dutch team scored a goal then in the final minutes they scored another goal to make it go to extra time. Their nothing in extra time expect Argentina get close to score. In the end Argentina won in penalties to get the win and help them move onto the semi-final. 

No surprises going to the semi-final games with Argentina and France going to the finals. Argentina got their revenge from Croatia after beating them 3 – 0 like Croatia did back in 2018 to Argentina. France came in strong against Morocco by beating them 2 – 0. It was an amazing run from Morocco being the first Africa country to go to the semi-final for the first time. 

Finally it all comes down to the Final game in the Qatar world cup 2022. The most exciting final by far with the score being 3 – 3. Argentina were leading 2 – 0 but when the 80th minute came again, France scored two quick goals to get them back in the game. Going down to the wire into extra time getting closer as Argentina scores a goal but minutes later France gets a goal also which puts both teams going to penalties. The most incense penalties and the craziest ending to a game. France missed 2 goals that caused them the world cup. Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez saved 2 penalty kicks from the spot that sent them to World Cup champions. As Argentina made history as that was their 3rd World Cup and also Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup with Argentina, making Argentina the winner of the Qatar World Cup 2022.