Do TJ Students Prefer Movie Theaters or Watching at Home?

Paul Lian , Writer

There are a lot of fun movies coming out this December, so I wanted to know what TJ students are most excited to watch. While I had the opportunity, I also decided to ask them about what shows they’re watching right now, what their favorite holiday movies are and if they prefer to see movies in the theater or at home. Since they were nearby and available for interviews, I got to the bottom of my questions with Ashton Kirkland, Paul Orejimi, Ethan Czarnecki and Farhin Hossain, all Seniors here at TJ.

Firstly, since it tis’ the season, I wanted to know about their favorite holiday movies. For Mr. Czarnecki, the answer was Elf. “It’s become a tradition in my household,” he explained. Then I asked Mr. O, who said, “A Charlie Brown Christmas, I just like Charlie Brown movies in general.” Two great movies picked by two great students.

Next, I asked my interviewees what upcoming movies they were excited to watch. Based on the responses, Wakanda Forever and the new Avatar movie will be the most popular movies this December. “I have already seen Wakanda Forever and it was everything it is hyped up to be and more,” responded Ashton, finding the movie to be excellent. “I’m excited for Avatar, it seems like it will be good,” explained Farhin, who is also excited to see the new Transformers movie coming out next June. On the other hand, Paul Orejimi is excited to see the new Mario movie which comes out next April, claiming that it “looks promising and Jack Black playing Bowser will be fun.”

Then, I had a few different questions to ask all of them. I asked Paul O. what he is watching currently and he said “Wednesday, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Chainsaw Man.” When I asked Ashton if he had any shows he was looking forward to seeing, he responded “I’ve heard that Wednesday show is good. And I want to finish Chainsaw Man.” So, it is clear that both Wednesday and Chainsaw Man are popular here at TJ. I, myself, am excited to catch up on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and the other two look like great shows. Lastly, I asked Farhin for her favorite movie of all time. The answer: Forrest Gump. “I think it’s really good. It’s very heartwarming and it’s a telling story,” said Farhin, explaining her choice.

Finally, I wanted to know TJ’s preference on where they watch movies. Farhin and Ethan had similar answers, both would rather be at home, in their own environment. For Paul O, though, the theater is better. “I prefer to go to the theater with my friends. You can chill in the theater and you don’t have to worry about your parents or anything,” replied Paul, revealing the pros of getting out of the house. For Ashton, it depends on the situation and the movie. “Like a new movie? It depends, but I would probably prefer to see it in a theater. If it’s a horror movie or something where the sound really matters then I feel like it’s important. But if it’s a mystery or something tame then I would rather stay at home.” In conclusion, TJ is split. But there are definitely advantages to either.

This December, if you are the type to go out to a theater, TJ recommends that you watch Wakanda Forever or Avatar: The Way of Water. However, if you are more the type to stay home and stay comfortable on your sofa, then you should probably catch up on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Wednesday or Chainsaw Man. Happy watching!