Winter Break Activity Guide

Nico Truini, Writer

Coming up, there are 10 days free from the shackles of school. For many of us, this is wonderful news! However, when push really comes to shove, what are you going to do with all that time? Will you squander it to the machine of
algorithm based content, explicitly designed to sell your time and soul to advertisers and corporations? Or will you take charge and forge your own path in life? Starting, of course, with this article.

Given the holiday season, it is very likely that you will be spending time with family, whether that be against your will or not. First and foremost, just focus on celebration and living in the moment. Also to note, your schedule is wide open without the seven hour time drain, go hang out with friends. There is no better time to meet up than when you are not dedicating massive amounts of mental resources to school. Even if you have no friends and are not close
with family, there are still plenty of other activities out there.

Seniors, do not forget about your college admissions. I know, it is a downer, but it is important. Just get it out of the way, preferably early intomthe break so you have one less thing weighing on your mind. Then, you can use your brain to do fun things. After all, academics and learning does not have to be a slog, so let this be the push you need to open up the enjoyable parts of education.

One way to go about making research interesting is focusing on a highly specific topic that interests you. Do not let expectations hold you back either, it does not have to be inherently useful, this is all about what you want to do. For example, you could watch a bunch of videos about restoring old electronics. Or read through encyclopedias about bird species. Or view documentaries on cars and other vehicles. Then, move on to find other sources for your topic. Consume as much information as you can reasonably find, bonus points if you take notes while doing such. Use that information to impress your friends and classmates when you come back if you want, everyone loves the person with deep knowledge on niche topics.

A fantastic place to go to find information is the public library. Just about anything you could want to know, you can probably discover somewhere within their shelves. There are so many books there, it would be impossible to go and not find something you like. So even if you are not keen on intensive research, a trip will still be worth your time. In fact, challenge yourself to pick out a random book and read it. Venture into a genre you have not given a
chance before, you never know what horizons will open themselves to you.

Of course, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to seek activities. What about those books you bought that one time and said you would get around to at some point, but that suspiciously has not happened yet. What
is your excuse now? Or, if you are less partial to books and more interested in games, I just know there are some untouched titles in your collection. Get on that, these things are not meant for decoration.

Now, how about people who honestly do not have much going on, and truly have nothing unfinished around? Well, you are going to pick up a hobby, that is what you are going to do. I could not care less if you think you are going to suck at first, because the truth is, you will. But, you have to start somewhere, and you can not let others’ perception dictate what you create. It does not matter what other people think of something you make for fun, and with
time and practice you can and will get better at whatever you put your mind to.

Sewing, drawing, learning an instrument, crafting, and so many more. Write a short story, build a mini diorama, refurbish a piece of junk, whatever. Our hands give us the ability to do so many versatile things, no matter our skill
level. Even if you still suck by the end of it, at least you had a human moment.

While on the topic of trying new things, also consider recipes. Sure, this might be a basic suggestion, but you can never go wrong with cookies. Especially since once you are done, you will have fresh cookies to eat. Maybe you will share them with your friends and family, as a part of the holiday cheer. Any food will do, and it is better if you have never made it before.

Make a soup, always good for the soul. Or treat yourself to pancakes one morning. Staying full fuels your body during the cold winter days. But what if the whole process of starting something new, and the accompanying choice paralysis leads you right back to the very thing you are trying to escape? Simple, go for a walk. Yeah, the weather is going to be pretty cold. If you bundle up you should be fine, or just walk faster. You are a warm blooded creature, this is what your body is designed to do, generate heat from movement. Exploring your environment might bring you around to some places you were not aware of before, and there are so many neat things the world has to offer if you just take the time to look.

Here is a fun mission, pet every dog you see, only after asking the owner of course. Or count the number of red cars that pass by. Or think of something nice about each person around, even if you never say it out loud. Any task that keeps you focused on your surroundings.

Granted, if just normal life has you drained, there is nothing wrong in using these 10 days to recharge with low energy activities. Starting a whole new novel can seem daunting and overwhelming, in which case you could try
picking up short stories instead. Going on a long journey into the wild can be scary and exhausting, so take a smaller path around the neighborhood, as long as you get some fresh air. Taking naps and relaxing is perfectly fine as well,
after all, your first priority should always be to take care of yourself.