Spring Sports Are Here!

Lyndsey Brown, Writer

March 1st has come and gone which means it is spring sports season! With around 360 athletes and 6 sports, there is a lot going on this spring on North Market Street. The sports you will see here at TJ have been preparing for this time of the year and can’t wait to take on the field, track, and court.

In baseball, there is a new JV coach, Coach Coughlin. As an alumni of TJ High, he had a lot to say about coming back and coaching. When asked how he feels about the team so far, he responded, “Good. I mean it’s my first year actually coaching so it’s like I am figuring out what I need to do, with what the players need to do, and  trying to figure out what meets the needs of every player while also trying to address what this team is about. I asked Juniors Danny Orr and AJ Allen how they feel about their success with State Semis last year and if they believe they will make it further this year and was answered with, “Absolutely. I think that’s always the goal. We are hoping for the rings but we have to put in the work. Nothing is for sure, we got to earn it.” It is great to hear the high hopes of this upcoming season.

In the next field over is where softball is held and I asked Senior, Abbie Jennings how she feels about this season and Jennings responded with, “So far I feel really great about it and I think it will be a really fun season.” The coaching staff holds one of our very own Physical Education teachers, Coach Airing who was asked about her thoughts on the dynamic of the team and she responded with, “I think the dynamic of the team is very good. We have very different experienced players who have been playing for a few years, kids who have been playing a lot of years, and I feel like we are meshing really well. On JV we have some girls that have never played before and I feel like we are playing alright.”

Along with girls sports, the Girls Lacrosse team was interviewed with their coach Ms. Chaffman and Senior Regan Tucker. When Chaffman was asked about how the girls were doing together she responded with, “ They are doing very well, I have never had any troubles on varsity with attitudes or anything like that so hopefully that continues on. I run a tight ship.” It’s outstanding to hear that the girls are working together. When Tucker was asked what her favorite part of girl’s lacrosse has been since she is a senior, she said, “ My favorite part is the team aspect. All being one team, becoming a family, working with JV a lot, and working with new players.” It’s always wonderful to hear how our seniors feel about their final season here with us.

Boys lacrosse also shares the turf with the girls and has had a lot to say on the new season. Head coach, Mr. Fairley has gained a lot of new helpers this year and he was asked about his feelings on that, he responded with, “ I’m excited but I think it’s been new voices for players which is different. Doc and Coach Cleveland had been around, but then that’s life you know. While it has taken some adjustment, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The first week was definitely a learning curve, but I see a greater comfort level now.” When asking Beckett Tayler and Matthew Greulich about the team this season they had many positive comments. Tayler said “ We all joke around together, nobody hates each other on the team and it’s all good comradery. The team is all athletes so nobody is really falling behind in that aspect and we all compete with each other and push one another. Greulich was asked what was his favorite thing about playing lacrosse for TJ and he responded with, “ Playing with my friends. Playing with all the people I love. Just having a good time on and off the field. It’s never a dull moment at Governor Thomas Johnson High School lacrosse.” The lacrosse season for both boys and girls seems to be having an amazing kickoff.

Along with new coaching staff, Tennis has gotten new coaches and has had a great start to their season. I caught up with Senior Ellie Stevens to learn more. When asked about this new season she answered with, “ It’s been pretty good, very windy but we have a bigger team than ever and it’s really been great because the team has always been really small. We have a lot of guys and girls and I am really enjoying it.” She also added, “ We mix around the people we play with all the time  and kind of work on our skills and you get to work with new people everyday which is really nice.”

Speaking of big teams, we had around 180 athletes try out for track and field this year which has really taken coaches and athletes back. When talking to Coach Humphries about it, he said “ This year is the first year we had to do cuts so we had to ask a few athletes to come back next year which is really hard to do because you never know what someone’s potential is and if they don’t get time to practice and get better, we took that away from them, but it was needed to fully develop the rest of the team.” Our very own Ms. Gresh was asked about how the team’s dynamic was and she replied with “Track is a very individual sport but also team oriented and I think everyone really cheers everyone on and pushes us to our best.” Dillen Owusu was asked about his final year on the team and what he enjoyed about running for the Patriots and he replied with “ That’s a great question. Probably trying all the different types of events with all different types of people throughout my years. From being a freshman trying high jump with people who were trying for the first time as well to a senior teaching people how to do the events has always been so fun.”