Championship League Finals

Sebastian Funes, Writer

After 2 and half rounds of waiting, the Champions League is back. 8 Matches with 16 teams to have a fight for quarter finals and reach them closer to winning the Champion League. Exciting games like Bayern vs PSG, Chelsea vs Dortmund, and Real Madrid vs Liverpool. Other games that are also exciting but those games are one to watch.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid have a competing fight, with Real Madrid winning most of the time. Beating them in the quarter finals and especially in the finals. Real Madrid are the favorites coming in the 2nd leg but with Liverpool in form since they played. Liverpool might have a chance to come back and surprise fans around the world. Real Madrid since that game, hasn’t been on form with two ties and one lost to famous Barcelona. Real Madrid are the favorites to go through but Liverpool form so far and Real Madrid form. It will be close but also difficult being on aggregate 5 – 2, with Real Madrid having the advantage.

PSG will battle Bayern in Munich, Germany for the 2nd leg. Another exciting tie, last time these teams faced was in the Quarter-Finals in 2021 with PSG going through. Also the 2020 Champion League Final with Kingsley Coman scoring the header to make Bayern champions of the Champions League 2020. Bayern had the advantage, winning the 1st leg, 1 – 0 to PSG. Both teams since that match have been winning their matches for the leagues for them, except with Bayern losing once. This will be an exciting game since PSG are the favorites to go through with having the famous Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe in their attack.

Chelsea vs Dortmund will be an interesting match also with Dortmund winning the 1st leg, 1 – 0 at their home stadium. Dortmund on a fire winning streak and Chelsea having a lack of wins and goals. Dortmund are the favorites to win and go through, but we could see a Chelsea comeback and see it to extra-time or with Chelsea winning. The game ends with Chelsea making a comeback against Dortmund and they go through with a 2 – 0 win and make it through to the quarter finals. Real Madrid will also be joining them and also Napoli as they win their games and make it to the quarter finals. Big teams left and it will be very good games in the future to see who gets who to face off in the quarter finals and go to the semi-finals. Amazing teams left and it’s very interesting who will make it all the way to the Champion Leagues Final.