Watch Out! It’s Cocaine Bear!!


Kencel Price, Writer

Cocaine Bear is an American movie directed by Elizabeth Banks based on the true story. In the 1980s, a black bear in Kentucky accidentally consumed over 70 pounds of cocaine that was dropped from a drug smuggler’s airplane. The bear went on a wild, erratic rampage before ultimately dying of an overdose. The film is expected to be a dark comedy and a thrilling crime chase.

After asking around for opinions and reviews on the movie, I found two people who went to watch Cocaine Bear and they gave me some insight on their opinions about the movie. Joseph Shrader input on the movie, saying was “it was a funny movie and I enjoyed a lot and the way that they make it so that everyone dies in the end to a bear who is ramped up on cocaine is very hilarious the movie was pretty good and I would watch it again but it’s also one of those movies you could watch only once in a blue moon.”

Christian Zapata reviewed the movie as “very funny” but also “very trippy since it is actually based on true events” but “overall the movie was very entertaining.”

The film is expected to be a satirical look at the drug culture of the 1980s, as well as an exploration of the bizarre and unexpected consequences that can occur from unexpected encounters with wildlife. The screenplay has been written by Jimmy Warden, who previously wrote and directed the acclaimed horror-comedy The Shed.

The film promises to deliver a unique and entertaining experience, combining the absurdity of the event with the talents of the talented director and cast. Cocaine Bear is set to be a fun and engaging film that will keep audiences laughing from beginning to end. While the film may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Those who enjoy unusual and creative cinema will certainly want to give it a watch.

Cocaine Bear is currently streaming on Peacock.