Hot Eats in Downtown Frederick

Charlotte Hoffman, Writer

TJ students are passionate about dining. The following restaurants are their go-to for each category of cuisine.

Favorite Chinese Restaurant: Asian Cafe

This humble location is home to the most beloved Chinese food in Frederick. They have a wide menu that also includes Thai and Japanese food, though they are most well known for their Chinese food. TJ students say their favorite dishes are the Sesame Chicken and Mongolian Chicken.

Sumittra Thai Cuisine 12 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Favorite Thai Restaurant: Sumittra Thai

Sumittra Thai has been a community staple since its opening over a decade ago. Sumittra blends classic Thai cooking with a modern fusion spin. They are known for their satisfyingly fresh ingredients and expert plating.

Favorite Japanese/Sushi Restaurant: Lazy Fish

Lazy Fish
10 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Since their opening just a few years ago, Lazy Fish has become the number one destination for sushi in Frederick. Their unique architecture and bistro style provide a modern atmosphere for which to enjoy delicious sushi and other Japanese cuisine.

Favorite Mexican Restaurant: Café Bueno

From their old location on North Street to their new location downtown, Café Bueno has remained a community staple in Frederick. Their dishes are renowned for their authentic Mexican style.

Favorite Cuban Restaurant: Sabor de Cuba

Located in the heart of downtown Frederick, Sabor de Cuba is a bubbling hotspot for lunch and dinner. Acclaimed for their flavors and atmosphere, Frederick’s locals stop here for a fix of authentic Cuban cooking.

Favorite Italian Restaurant: Delizia Café

Delizia Café is known for its delicious Italian cuisine. Its eclectic menu features various authentic Italian dishes, including pizza alongside American-style breakfasts. The airy ambiance and amazing service draws customers from all over Frederick.

Favorite American Restaurant: Madrones

For years Madrones has remained a go-to destination for dining in Frederick. Its menu features American classics like burgers, steaks, and ribs alongside more adventurous, innovative dishes like their Portobello Gnocchi.