Easter at TJ


Paul Orejimi, Writer

Easter is a holiday everyone knows, as it represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, people have different ways of celebrating this event. With this, various students and teachers had been interviewed on how they celebrate Easter.

Elijah Lubanga, a senior at Governor Thomas Johnson High School, says that he celebrates Easter by attending the Easter service and having a prayer beforehand. He also has an evening feast with either his family or his friends. Nashon Antony, another senior at TJ, said that although he recognizes the importance of Easter, he doesn’t celebrate it. Andrew Cruz, who is also a senior, said that this year, he and his family did a small Easter egg hunt for his dog and niece. Nicholas Gasemy, a music teacher and band director at TJ, mentioned that in recent years he’s been spending time with his girlfriend’s family, which includes going to service and having an Easter egg hunt hosted by the girlfriend’s grandma, which he has come in second place. They would then end the day with a meal. Finally, Timothy Hardman, a psychology teacher, said that in the past, he would do more with his kids such as a service and meal afterward, but in recent years, with them being grown up they haven’t done that.

While the primary focus of Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, many people have used it as a time to have fun with family and friends and come closer together. So next Easter, you should try to take the time to spend with your family or friends and enjoy each other’s company.