Indoor Boys Track Season Best Season In a Decade


Boys Indoor Track Win 3A West Regional Champions

Brenda Ramirez, Writer

Governor Thomas Johnson high school has never been this successful in a decade. The boys indoor track team proved everyone wrong this season and went to CMC (Central Maryland Conference) county regional and states. The boys had placed 1st in counties, 1st in regionals and placed 3rd in states. The boys that we had interviewed this time were Daniel Orr, Spencer Dewease, James Partlow, and Alex Garr. These boys were recommended to interview. They had pretty good moments during the indoor season.

Danny Orr

Our first interview was with Danny Orr. His event was shot put. His best during the season was 45 feet and 5 inches. He was asked how he prepared himself for CMCs, Counties, Regionals, and States. ¨His response was ¨Well, I took work off my regular lifting schedule to make sure I wasn’t sore for meets, I would stretch a lot, I would take it easy during practice and just really work on form for these meets. Daniel really had to physically prepare himself for these big events. He did amazing throughout his season. His best during the season was 45 feet and 5 inches he claimed it as his pr. He also talked about his worst throw during the season which was 39 feet and 3 inches. We also asked him about what was the biggest lesson he learned during the indoor season. The lesson I learned was do not rush the process. At my first meet it was my worst mark then came the second meet it was hard to come back from and I learned you need to trust the process and not to push yourself one week and take it the next week. Daniel Orr also talked about how good his mental health was during the season which had a lot to do with his performance. He was also saying now his event was pretty ¨chill¨ and it was easy to maintain a good mental health during that season.

Alex Garr

Next, we talked to about the indoor season was Alex Garr. He is a senior at TJ. His question was ¨How was the indoor season in general¨? Indoor season was good. We got off on the wrong start everybody was getting into their groove still when we got deeper into the season we found who we really were. We started winning meets and we started getting better. Everybody played a part and we won multiple meets.

His second question that he was asked was ¨How did winning Regionals and CMCs feel?” still think about it, it was surreal, you know. Like I knew we were going to do it but still winning it was great.” Alex did a wonderful job during the indoor season and he wouldn’t have it any other way. It was a great way to end off his season as a senior.

James Partlow

The next student is James Partlow. He is a junior at TJ high school. His events during the indoor season were 4×800 and the 2 mile. At CMCs he ran the mile and the 4×4. He was asked “How did you prepare yourself for regionals and other meets?” ¨I did mostly basic training. I ran every day and did the same workouts I did over the season.” James Partlow was asked to give his honest opinion if he thought that the boys would be so successful in the indoor season and here was his response. ¨I knew that we were going to have a successful indoor season but never thought we would have gone so far this indoor season.”

Our last student is Spencer Dewease. He is a junior at TJ and is also one of the captains for

Spencer Dewease

the boys’ indoor track team. Spencer’s events were shot but his best during the indoor season was 42 feet and 10 inches. It wasn’t all sunshine through his indoor season he said that his worst was 38 feet and 3 inches. He also struggled during the indoor season because he had an injury in the beginning of the season which was his ankle. It stuck with him throughout the indoor season and it held him back a little. Spencer was talking about the way he prepared himself for regionals and CMCs. These were his responses ¨I had to hit certain marks and hit one technique almost every single day. Needless to say, he had a pretty good indoor season for his junior year. This was also his first season being on the indoor boys track team.

At the end of this article it’s showing how the indoor boys prepared themselves for these meets like regionals and CMCs. These boys worked hard this season. They had the best season ever in a decade. It took these students a lot to get where they are now. The coaches could not have been happier for their track team and how far they have come.