What Memorial Day Means to TJ


Gabriel Del Rosario, Writer

Governor Thomas Johnson High School is gearing up for Memorial Day, with faculty members making plans to honor the men and women who gave their lives for the country.

Megan Smith, a digital photography teacher at the school, plans to spend the day fixing the hole in her roof. While some may find this an odd way to observe Memorial Day, Smith sees it as a fitting tribute to the sacrifices made by soldiers.

“Memorial Day is a great day to honor the people who died for our country,” Smith said. “We get to pay respects to the soldiers who fought for the country.” When speaking on fixing her roof during the long weekend, she said, “I’m also gonna work on the hole in the roof. That’s the priority.”

Meanwhile, fellow Digital Photography teacher Sonya Everett plans to go camping during the long weekend. She believes that Memorial Day should be taken more seriously and regrets that she didn’t fully appreciate its significance until after the 9/11 attacks and the war in Afghanistan.

“I didn’t really take Memorial Day seriously until those events happened,” Everett said. “Now, I think it’s important for us to pause and remember the sacrifices made by our military members and their families.”

Art teacher Kathryn Tobery plans to spend Memorial Day visiting the grave of a friend’s son, who was a soldier. She intends to lay flowers on the grave as a symbol of her gratitude for his service.

“Memorial Day is a great way to honor the soldiers who have given their lives for our country,” Tobery said. “As the daughter of a soldier who served in Vietnam, I know firsthand how important it is to remember those who had to make the hard choices for our country.”

As the nation prepares to honor its fallen heroes on Memorial Day, the faculty of Governor Thomas Johnson High School serves as a reminder that there are many ways to pay tribute to those who have given their lives for our freedom.