Seniors’ Last Goodbyes

Brenda Ramirez, Writer

Beckett Taylor, Senior

TJ is sad to say that the seniors of class of 2023 are saying their last goodbyes to their teachers, students and staff. We appreciate you all for pushing us to be the best people we can be. We might be mad at you and say things but truly deep down inside we love all TJ staff for everything they have done for us. We will forever be grateful for the stuff you have done for us. Not only did you push us to be the best, you were there to help us with mentally for any problems we had. Never once would we regret having you guys in our life to be our  biggest supporters and our #1 fans forever and always. Like Hannah Montana said, “it’s so hard to say goodbye. Yesterday’s gone we gotta keep moving on. I’m so thankful for the moments so glad I got to know you. The times that we had I’ll keep like a photograph I’ll hold you in my heart forever. I’ll always remember you.”

The first interview of the day was senior Beckett Taylor his first question was ¨Who is a teacher that impacted you through your high school years?” “Probably Mr. Larry O’Hara also known as Coach O’Hara; he was the cross country coach and he is a person you do not want to disappoint so he drove me to try harder and both cross country and in school.” “His next question was “Are you excited to leave TJ?” “I am very excited to leave TJ Looking back at his first question Beckett had picked his teacher that helped him through all his 3 years of high school.

O’Hara has been there for Beckett when he needed him the most. He truly helped him become the better version of himself and make him the wonderful person he is today. A lot of students are excited to leave TJ and most are sad. But for Beckett he is very excited to leave and move on with his life and start a new chapter. We could not be anymore prouder of Beckett Taylor and how far he has come.

The next student is Matthew Gruelich. He is a senior here at TJ. His first question was: ¨What do you think your

Matthew Greulich, Senior

reaction will be when you are in your full cap and gown?¨ ¨sad but reminiscent sad like a good sad.” “Who would you like to recognize that helped you through these years and it does not have to be someone from this school?” “My dad was always there for me. He was always there when I needed it.¨

Matthew showed us that our parents are truly there for us regardless. We  are their children and they will be proud of us and try to be there and support us through tough times. It’s their job to love us and help us when we need it and that’s what Matthew showed us with his dad always being there for him. It really does prove my point. Also Matthew is telling us that he is going to be reminiscing about his high school years when he gets into his cap and gown. He will be sad but good sad knowing he’s moving onto better things. He will forever be grateful for the memories he got here at TJ.

Silvia Gonzalez, Senior

The next student was Silvia Gonzalez. She is also a senior at TJ high school. Her first question was: “How does it feel that you will be a high school graduate?” “I feel very happy, I feel very accomplished in other words. I will be the first in my family and knowing that my family is so proud of me and have them cry in tears knowing that I will be where they could never be more so where they didn’t have the opportunity like I did. It makes me happy that I did this for myself but I do it for them too. I feel very happy and accomplished. Her last and final question was ¨What would be your last goodbye to TJ?” “I hope that I made an impact in the school that was something I wanted and I’m just happy that I came to this school. Because it allowed me to be the reason I am today.”

Silvia is a strong woman who really took over the school in many ways. She was the president of the Latin dance club, was in many clubs here at TJ is the manager for the TJ boys lacrosse team. She will be leaving a mark here at TJ. She will be reminded of the person she is today, the person she has become today. She has made not only her family but also teachers, friends and others proud and happy for her. She is the first in her generation to go this far in her high school career. She couldn’t be anymore thankful on how far she has truly come, how much work she put into her clubs and teams. If we were to talk about her family being so proud of her they talk about how she will be a high school graduate soon. Family is forever there for you regardless. We are incredibly proud of Silvia Gonazlez.

Thank you to all staff for just being there for me regardless if they were busy or not with me. Mary Boyd is someone else I would forever be thankful for for always having her doors wide open for me whenever I told her I needed to talk to her. Even if it was for me just to sit there in her office, college help, personal problems.

My last goodbye would be goodbye to the school that should/taught me to be the student I am, especially Erin Gresh. Thank you for dealing with me every day and helping me through the times I went through. You taught me to never give up on myself even when I did. She never let me slack off; she knew I had a lot of potential in myself.