Prom: A Sensational Time of Year


Paul Orejimi, Writer

Prom is a memorable time marking the final days of high school for many students (or for Juniors, the last days of their junior year). It is a night of celebration, fun, and entertainment in which students dress up, dance, and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

According to The Prom Guide, prom dates back to the early 20th century, when prom was just a simple tea party for college students. However, In the 1920s and 1930s, prom became popular among high school students, and as Americans gained more and more money, proms slowly became “Extravagant and elaborate.”

Preparations for prom usually begin months in advance, as students start shopping for fancy dresses and suits, making hair and makeup appointments, and creating plans with their friends or someone special. Usually, schools also organize prom committees, in which students can get involved in planning the event and making a memorable experience for their peers.

On the night of prom, students may go to places such as Baker Park or Rose Hill to take pictures and then maybe head to a restaurant to eat beforehand. Regardless, students make their way to the venue, ready to show off their attire and dance moves. The atmosphere is exhilarating as students take pictures, mingle, and enjoy the music and festivities.

Throughout the night, students can dance to different kinds of music, from hip-hop and pop to more slow-oriented music. In addition, some schools may offer activities such as photo booths and refreshments to add to the fun.

The most memorable part of prom is the announcement of the prom king and queen of the year. Depending on the school, there is a period where students nominate people for said positions and then vote for one person for each title among the final nominees sometime after. Then, the people chosen to be prom king and queen get announced at prom. The two then come together and engage in a slow dance, which other students can also slow dance if they feel.

While prom is a night of fun and celebration, it’s also an opportunity for students to reflect on their high school experience and the friendships that they have made over the years. It is a chance for students to say goodbye to one chapter of their lives as they happily look forward to the next.

To conclude, prom is a special time, bringing students together to celebrate their achievements, create long-lasting memories, and for seniors, say goodbye to high school. The sequence of events for prom may look different from person to person, but at the end of the day, a prom that students will never let slip from memory and acts as a testament to the bonds students have built with each other.