TJ Students Going to Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’



Taylor Swift performing “Enchanted” at night two in Philadelphia for the Eras Tour

Taylor Johnson, Writer

“Are you ready for it?” After anticipation for the musical icon’s first tour in five years, a Ticketmaster scandal reaching Congress, and cities changing their names, Governor Thomas Johnson High School students are ready to be bejeweled at Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’!

Swift’s tour was announced on November 1st, 2022, over a month after her record-breaking album “Midnights” was released. It was known around the nation that getting tickets would be a struggle, but it was underestimated by most fans.

Eras Tour Online Ticket Queue (ID blurred for privacy)

Ticketmaster’s website was severely overwhelmed by 14 million people on November 15th, leaving only 2.4 million Swifties with tickets during the pre-sale. However, because Ticketmaster sold so many tickets due to the unprecedented demand, the general sale was canceled! Swifties across the country were rightfully outraged, suing the company for “unlawful conduct,” according to CNN Business. The ticket fiasco on November 15th caused many people to recognize Ticketmaster as a monopoly, bringing the lawsuit to the Senate Judiciary Committee and presenting it to the federal Justice Department.

TJ Sophomore and Swiftie, Chloe-Rose Barnes, says that she struggled to get tickets for a show on Swift’s tour but expected it. When asked what she is most looking forward to about the concert, she says, “Just seeing her [Taylor Swift] live and experiencing the show.” She would advise students and staff who want to get tickets in the future for a tour in such high demand like this one: “Be very prepared to sit there all day long because that’s what me and my mother did.” She adds, “…she was on the computer all day, and we didn’t get tickets until 5 p.m.”

Eras Tour VIP Package Box

Swift’s tour in the States started on March 17th and will end on August 9th. Her concert locations have made, to put it gently, considerable welcomes. The first location, Glendale, Arizona, changed its name temporarily to “Swift City.” Las Vegas, Nevada, lit up its Gateway Arches every night before Swift’s shows, representing all 10 of her albums. Arlington, Texas, made a new street called “Taylor Swift Way,” giving Swift a key to the city. Tampa, Florida, declared Taylor Swift mayor of the city. Houston, Texas, changed the name of its NRG Stadium, where Swift would play, to “NRG Stadium (Taylor’s Version).” Atlanta, Georgia, made a billboard in Swift’s honor. Lastly, so far, Nashville, Tennessee, has released a proclamation recognizing “Taylor Swift’s Homecoming Weekend.” Who’s to say what her next stop near home, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will do to greet Swift!